• اسم المؤلف : سعد الغوينم، وعبدالرحمن العريني، ونذر حسين مالك.
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دار جامعة الملك سعود للنشر

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كتاب 930

This is the second edition of the book that briefly introduces the electric power generation, power system layout and modeling, and per unit method of calculations. The transmission line and cable parameters are discussed in detail, while a concise description is given for the various types of overhead line insulators and their applications. The important topic of distribution systems as well as power system grounding concepts are introduced as well. Power engineering course will not be faithfully covered without the inclusion of over-voltages, over-currents and the related protection methods. The book is illustrated with plenty of solved examples to clarify the basic concepts and contains many questions, problem exercises, and multiple choice questions for the reader to check his/her understanding of the subject matter. It is believed that the book will enable the reader to understand power engineering better and apply that knowledge more effectively.

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