Truma Care Systems In Saudi Arabia

  • اسم المؤلف : محمد النعمي
  • جهه النشر : دار جامعة الملك سعود للنشر
  • تاريخ الطبعة : 1434هـ/2013م
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دار جامعة الملك سعود للنشر

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Saudi Arabia is undergoing a rapid population growth that along with improved socioeconomics has led many individuals to own a car or even a number of cars per family, resulting in a greater number of vehicles on the roads. This unplanned expansion in road traffic has resulted in more car accidents, injuries, disabilities, and deaths. To minimize this impact, a national or regional multidisciplinary trauma system has to be developed and implemented. A trauma system is a preplanned, comprehensive, and coordinated regional injury response network that includes all facilities with the capability to care for the injured. This book addresses the trauma care system in some details and highlights the plan for its implementation.

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