From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

  • الموديل كتاب ورقي
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • اسم المؤلف : Grace Lagos
  • جهه النشر : Austin Macauley publishers
  • رقم الطبعة : 1
  • عدد الصفحات : 124
  • 40.00ريال سعودي

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Austin Macauley Publishing

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كتاب 318

Kacey was a Greek girl who was restricted in her social life. She had a free spirit and wanted to enjoy her freedom like her Australian friends and workmates, but her mother especially wanted to marry her off to a Greek boy as soon as possible.She disobeys her parents and goes out without their consent and falls in love with an Irish boy.He also falls deeply in love with her and won’t let her go.Her mother disapproves and their different cultures clash.Will their love be strong enough to overcome all these and other pitfalls, and make their marriage work?Then her husband, Jack, has a fatal heart attack and they are suspended halfway between heaven and earth. She wants to stay with her husband, who is begging her not to leave him, but she hears her children calling her and needs to go back.

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