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  • جهه النشر : العبيكان للنشر
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Thierry Mauger is the latest in a long and distinguished line of Western travellers in remote corners of the Arabian Peninsula. Throwing off the shackles of a career in science-related business, M. Mauger set off on adventurous expeditions, often alone, into the wild mountainous regions of Saudi Arabia’s Asir abutting the rugged border with Yemen, and to the precipitous slopes dropping to the Tihamah plains by the Red Sea.

His remarkable photographs and vivid text tell of tribes and communities whose way of life has not changed for centuries. These tribesmen - some settled on intricately terraced farms, some on perilous cliffs and in villages in remote valleys, some depending on their herds of goats and sheep - have developed idiosyncrasies which are unique on the face of the earth. With an astonishing gift for color, they make their mud houses and crenelated roofs shine like jewels on the mountainside. Young men are caparisoned in elaborate, flowered headdresses. Daring color characterises every festival and every dance.

Thierry Mauger is already an established name in the annals of Arabian travelling. With this new work, he opens our eyes to people and places scarcely known to the outside world, and never before revealed in pictures or words - least of all by such photographic skills and close observation as M. Mauger brings to the art of travelling.

Undiscovered Asir represents a unique contribution to the literature on Arabia today - the first and, one must fear, the last glimpse of a way of life doomed to extinction by the encroachment of modern communications.

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